Researcher, software developer, and bioinformatician with a PhD in Plant biology from UT Austin and 6+ year of postdoctoral research experience. Programming in R for 12+ years and Shiny 8+ years. Advanced, independent, and rapid developer of Shiny applications, leveraging the Golem or Rhino framework and experienced in developing custom user interfaces and complex server logic. Flexible and adaptable. Welcoming steep learning curves with reasonable time frames.


R/Shiny developer

2020 -
Independent consultant or part-time employee

Developed custom R/Shiny solutions for over 20 clients primarily on Upwork.

Postdoctoral fellow

2014 - 2020
University of Arkansas Fayetteville, Arkansas, USA

Research on diatom diversification, transcriptional response to salinity, local adaptation to salinity gradients, phylogenomics and genome evolution.

Research/Teaching assistant

< 2014
The University of Texas at Austin, Texas, USA and Sts Cyril & Methodius University Skopje, Macedonia

Taught: Genetics, Limnology, Phycology. Field work: Ohrid, Prespa, Iowa, Guam, Malili lakes (Sulawesi), Baikal (Siberia).


{r2lambda} (lead) - R package to get started and become productive with AWS Lambda from R
{newscatcheR} (contributor) - Programmatically collect normalized news from (almost) any website using R
{tinselR} (contributor) - Graphical viewer of Newick-formatted phylogenetic trees and as an application for producing publication-ready figures
Reproducible research guide (in Macedonian) (lead) - A guide for best practices in reproducible data analysis. Available: https://discindo.github.io/booklet/
{phynotate} (lead) - A low(ish)-level R library for creating customizible {shiny} applications to visualize, customize, and annotate phylogenetic trees.
{gghisse} (lead) - An R package and {shiny} application for post-processing results from species diversification modelling with {hisse}.