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Learning Shiny

In the last couple of days after returning from the Joint Aquatic Sciences Meeting in Portland, I started learning Shiny. Shiny is a great R package for converting R code into interactive web pages. I’ve known about it for a while, but I hadn’t given it a go until now for various reasons not least finishing graduate school. The learning curve was a bit steep for me. My R skills are not exactly stellar to begin with and integrating the R code with a whole set of new functions specific to Shiny was a bit of a mess at first. After a day and a half of trial and error I managed to put together a working Shiny app. It is now available on my GitHub repository under the name Interactive Diatom Phylogeny.
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Diatom phylogenies website

This weekend with the help of Novica (and Damjan a while back) we created a website called DiatomPhylogenies for storing and displaying published diatom phylogenetic trees. This website is meant as a repository for any tree of diatoms or algae. The trees are displayed in the wonderful OneZoom format. Check it out at diatoms.discindo.org or look at the “Diatom Phylogenies” repository on github. So far I’ve added three phylogenies: Thalassiosirales, Pinnularia, and all diatoms plus a whole bunch of other eukaryotes.  But I intend to populate the page with as many as I can get to.

If you like this idea and want to help populating the website, or just like to see your tree there, send me an email!