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Zotero csl style for Protist

Like most other citation managers Zotero doesn’t have a style for the algae journal. For a while now I’ve been wanting to create some for J.Phyc and Protist and the like. I just never got around to it and ended up manually editing the bibliography created with an already available style. This is of course quite tedious and borring. So today I decided to spend a couple of hours and create a Protist citation style for Zotero. It really wasn’t that hard to use their visual style editor. Its all gui and the automatic update of the modifications I was making was really helpful.

If any Zotero users outhere ever need to format something for Protist I’ll keep the style available here. Just download it, save it as a “protist.csl” and install it as usual. I anticipate the style code will need updates – I already noticed something that doesn’t look quite right. But as it is now its almost identical to the format of some Protist papers from 2013.

Convert a sequential phylip to fasta (with awk)

Of course, its not that difficult to open Mesquite or Seaview and do this there. But I don’t want to do it for more than two files. And I’m sure there are plenty of other more robust (perl/python) ways to do this. But this is pretty simple:

awk –posix ‘{if ($1 ~ /[:alpha:]/) print “>”$1″\n”$2}’ input_seqPhy > output_fasta