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Comparative analysis of the interaction between habitat and growth form in diatoms. ISME-J. link

Habitat and growth form data for 282 diatoms.

‘Best tree’ from a RAxML analysis converted to a relative-time chronogram.

Set of 100 trees sampled at random from among the RAxML optimizations. All converted to relative-time chronograms.


Using phylogeny to model the evolution of cell size in marine and freshwater diatoms. Limnology and Oceanography, 59: 79-86. link

Cell size data

Phylogenetic tree

See also this paper by Andy Alverson for details about the phylogeny.


Molecular phylogeny of the Cymbellales (Bacillariophyceae, Heterokontophyta) with a comparison of models for accommodating rate variation across sites. Phycologia, 53: 359-373. link

Alignment with MrBayes blocks.


Zotero csl styles for some journals in the field of phycology:

Some of these might need tinkering in which case you could modify them on the CSL style visual editor. I don’t vouch that they will work perfectly. I used them in Zotero but they should work in Mendeley and maybe other reference managers.