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Diatom phylogenies website

This weekend with the help of Novica (and Damjan a while back) we created a website called DiatomPhylogenies for storing and displaying published diatom phylogenetic trees. This website is meant as a repository for any tree of diatoms or algae. The trees are displayed in the wonderful OneZoom format. Check it out at diatoms.discindo.org or look at the “Diatom Phylogenies” repository on github. So far I’ve added three phylogenies: Thalassiosirales, Pinnularia, and all diatoms plus a whole bunch of other eukaryotes.  But I intend to populate the page with as many as I can get to.

If you like this idea and want to help populating the website, or just like to see your tree there, send me an email!

Evolution of cell-size in marine and freshwater diatoms

Our paper about using phylogenetic trees and the comparative method to model the evolution of cell-size in marine and freshwater diatoms is now published at the Limnology and Oceanography website. Its been a while since I started this project and I am really glad that it is finaly out. Many thanks to Ed Theriot and Andy Alverson for their help and patience throughout this project.