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Evolution of cell-size in marine and freshwater diatoms

Our paper about using phylogenetic trees and the comparative method to model the evolution of cell-size in marine and freshwater diatoms is now published at the Limnology and Oceanography website. Its been a while since I started this project and I am really glad that it is finaly out. Many thanks to Ed Theriot and Andy Alverson for their help and patience throughout this project.

Epitypes of Diploneis species from Neogene fosill deposits

I just got word that another collaborative paper has been made available online. Phytotaxa published our taxonomic treatment of Diploneis species from Köpecz (a Neogene lacustrine deposit in Romania). We were working with fossil remains of diatoms from a large lake that existed more than 2.5 million years ago and is now dead. All that remains from this lake are its sediments where inorganic parts of diatoms have been preserved. Since diatoms have cell walls made out of silica they settled to the bottom of the lake and were preserved for few million years. The interesting thing is that these fossils might have very close relatives in some extant diatoms from Lake Ohrid (another of our study sites).

I have to thank Eci and Zlatko, my productive collaborators from the Institute of Biology at Faculty of Natural Sciences in Skopje, who lead this project as well as Krisztina and Nadja from Hungary and Bulgaria.