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Zotero csl style for Protist

Like most other citation managers Zotero doesn’t have a style for the algae journal. For a while now I’ve been wanting to create some for J.Phyc and Protist and the like. I just never got around to it and ended up manually editing the bibliography created with an already available style. This is of course quite tedious and borring. So today I decided to spend a couple of hours and create a Protist citation style for Zotero. It really wasn’t that hard to use their visual style editor. Its all gui and the automatic update of the modifications I was making was really helpful.

If any Zotero users outhere ever need to format something for Protist I’ll keep the style available here. Just download it, save it as a “protist.csl” and install it as usual. I anticipate the style code will need updates – I already noticed something that doesn’t look quite right. But as it is now its almost identical to the format of some Protist papers from 2013.

Holes & poles manuscript now out

We just got word that our paper on the phylogeny of incredibly morphologically diverse (multi-) polar diatoms is available in the accepted articles section of Journal of Phycology. It looks like the paper is going to be included in the December issue of the journal. Meanwhile, a provisional abstract and the article can be found here. Matt Ashworth (my labmate and first author on the paper) joking calls this project the Holes n’Poles paper because most of the discussion around the taxonomy and classification of this group relies on pore and ocellus structure (the holes n’poles of a diatom cell wall).

Thanks to Matt for all his hard work in getting this done. My contribution was mainly on the analysis side of things. I learned a lot through the process.